Darwinia Network: An Interoperable Alternative for Blockchain Developers in Nigeria

In case you just stumbled across this post, you may wonder what is all this Blockchain thing about. Blockchain is a trust-less distributed ledger that records transaction and what makes it interesting is the immutable nature, meaning no third parties can manipulate the information stored on it and no intermediaries can prevent you from interacting with it. This technology is the back-end of Crypto-Currencies which removes the control of money from centralized authorities like the Government.

Blockchain technologies are rapidly growing but becoming more isolated from one another. A lot of interesting possibilities will arise when Blockchains begins to interact with one another. This is the purpose of Darwinia Network, a cross-chain heterogenous bridge to facilitate cross-chain transactions. Sorry if I have thrown a lot of heavy words at you, lets break it down now.

Bukola has an Ethereum token and wants to exchange it for a Tron token in a trust-less way. If Bukola sends an Ethereum token to a Tron address, her token gets lost because both tokens are on Different Blockchains. This is where a bridge must come in place to facilitate the token crossing from the Ethereum chain to the Tron chain. This process is known as “cross-chain”. Heterogenous in the context means that the cross-chain process could be tokens from any Blockchain interacting together. All this is done at a very low cost on Darwinia Network. If you are tired of Ethereum gas fees, you are not alone.

Let me briefly discuss the history of Darwinia Network, how it all started, and the likes.

Itering Tech is the development team behind Darwinia Network, They focus on advancement and research on Blockchain especially the areas of cross-chain technology. Both companies were co-founded by Alex Chien and Denny Wang. They both early birds in the Crypto Space. Itering Tech has developed other technologies such as Distributed Key Management System(DKMS), air-gapped signing tool, Subscan, Evolution Land Game. I will discuss more on the latter soon.

So, what is the technology powering this amazing innovation?

Darwinia is built with a Blockchain Framework called Substrate. Substrate is developed by parity technologies. This is too much to take in at once, lets break it down. Substrate is a framework written in RUST ( a programming language ). It as all the key features a Blockchain Framework should have and lastly, its INTER-OPERABILITY feature makes it applicable to the objective of Darwinia Network. Polkadot Network ( a flagship by the Web3 Foundation based on Substrate Framework ) serves as a relay chain for Darwinia Network in connection mode which means the security of Darwinia is taken care of by Polkadot Network. This makes Darwinia Network a para-chain of Polkadot Network. Yes, I know, it’s getting technical, don’t worry I have assisted you with a pictorial representation below, also, Darwinia Network can work in solo-mode which means security will be handled by itself.

Okay, so what are the use case of this Technology you have been preaching to us?

The most perfect demonstration of this innovation is through a game developed by Itering Tech called Evolution Land. I know you are doubting right now because I mentioned “game”. Game is the best way to get newbies interested in Blockchain Technology. So how can Evolution Land demonstrate the power of cross-chain token transfer? Firstly, Evolution Land is a virtual management game based on Blockchain, players can work together or fight against each other in activities like mining, construction, PVP, scientific research, etc. Every continent in the game is just a representation of different Blockchains and as you conquer and progress in the game. You may need to move your assets from one continent to another, then this the point where you perform a cross-chain asset transfer from one Blockchain to another. I will encourage you to play the game to see how it works, I will leave the link in the appendix.

Darwinia Network is not just about gaming. Other areas of focus are on-chain ( on the network ) services for Non-Fungible Token(NFT) and cross-chain Non Fungible Token markets (NFT). You may be asking yourself right now that, what are Non-Fungible Tokens? For now, think of them as Unique Tokens, check the Appendix for links to better explain the term. Lastly, Darwinia Network is involved in building cross-chain Decentralized Exchange Protocol for token swaps.

Now you must be excited about this Technology and you may be wondering how you can use it?

If you are already a developer or aspiring developer, you can write Decentralized applications (Dapps) based on the Darwinia Web Smart Contracts module and also you can connect the Darwinia Network bridge para-chain to the Darwinia Network for cross-chain transfer operations if you will be developing Dapp on public chains like Ethereum, EOS, etc. This means that your Dapp can interact with these Blockchains via the bridge para-chain at low fees. While on other Blockchains, your Dapps can only interact within the network and also with harsh transaction fees.

You can also be an Appchain developer, Darwinia Network already provided an Appchain SDK that will make your development experience smooth. This will enable you can focus on defining how your application works. This Appchain SDK is already connected with the Darwinia Network Bridge Chain so you can interact with other public chains easily. Evolution Land Game was created with the Appchain SDK.

And if you are not a developer but you are interested in this technology, please clap for this post and share with your friends to learn about the future that Darwinia Network is building. Also, check the Appendix section to further your knowledge about Darwinia Network.


In all, Darwinia Network is aiming to build the Future Internet of Tokens. Learning about this network will save you from the unforgiving Ethereum gas fees and grant you the privilege to interact with other Blockchains.


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